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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Hard and Soft Corals?

Hard corals produce a skeleton made of calcium carbonate, giving it a strong rock-like structure. Each skeleton is unique ranging from a variety of shapes and styles depending on the coral species. Soft corals are obviously soft, they produce a calcium carbonate skeleton but not nearly as large. Due to the softer structure, they have more of a plant life appearence since they flow in the water.

What do corals eat?

Each coral has a mouth and a stomach which uses tentacles to capture food. Corals can eat a variety of substances but many passively eat plankton. Coral can also get nutrition from microscopic algae living inside of their tissue as well as photosynthesis.

Do fish eat corals?

Several species of fish and starfish eat corals and are consider not "reef safe". Most triggerfish are consider non reef safe along with larger angelfish. Some species such as the Butterfly fish eat exculusively coral polyps.

Are fish tanks hard?

Generaly the aquarium hobby is an easy hobby. Salt water aquariums are more expensive than fresh, but can be more rewarding. If you do run into aquarium problems the staff here at Aqua Hut will help you to the best of our knowledge.

Can my coral touch each other?

Yes and No. Most coral can not touch for they will sting and eat each other. Some can touch as long as in the same species. Best rule of thumb is to leave two inches between corals if you dont know.

What is a Polyp?

A coral usually has several polyps making up the "heads" of a coral species. Polyps are usually a few millimeters in diameter and have an outer layer of tissue. Polyps use tentacles that surround a central mouth for catching food but since the mouth is the only opening on the coral, it is also used to release waste.

When can I add fish to my tank?

New aquariums must cycle before adding livestock. Bottled bacteria can speed the cycle up. With bacteria you can add fish to fresh water in three to four days. Saltwater is longer taking three to four weeks for fish and corals.

How often should my fish eat? And how much should I feed them?

Fresh and saltwater fish should be feed daily. Fish should be fed enought that they eat for one to two minutes. After two minutes if food is still in the aquarium you fed to much. Most fish stomachs are not much larger than there eyeball.

Why are lights so expensive for my aquarium?

Saltwater coral tanks biggest cost is the lighting. They need strong high intensity lights to produce enough light to grow coral. We recommend ecotech radions. They last for years and run at low power with little heat output. And they're reliable. All the lights over our coral tanks are radions.

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